Past Events

Hope and Fear in Response to the
Growth of Islam in Europe and the US

Tobias Müller
Prof John Dunn

Friday, 23rd Feb, 5pm
Latimer Room, Clare College


In Bad Faith:
Trump, Religion, and US Foreign Policy

Prof Peter Mandaville

Wednesday, 17 Jan, 5pm
Clare College, Latimer Room

Thinking Spatially about Islam in Europe

Prof Kim Knott 

Thursday, 30th November, 18:30-20:00
Divinity Faculty, University of Cambridge


Prof John Coffey

Wednesday, 18 October, 7:00pm
Clare College, Latimer Room


Civil Wolves:
Theological Name Calling in War and Peace

Matthew Rowley

Wednesday, 22  February, 1pm
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138

Reclaiming Hope:
The Future of Faith in America

Michael Wear

Special book launch event
Wednesday, 1 March, 5:30pm
Clare College, Latimer Room                                 

Fall from Grace:
The Demise of the Gülen Movement in Turkey

Caroline Tee

Wednesday, 8  March, 1pm
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138


Righteously Bellicose:
Toward a General Theory of Mental Habits in Conflict

Matthew Rowley

Wednesday, 23  November, 12:30
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138

How Much Can We Insult Religion?
A Transatlantic Perspective on the Legal Treatment of Anti-Religious Speech

Prof Javier Martínez-Torrón

Wednesday, 9 November, 12:30
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138


Islamic Exceptionalism:
How The Struggle Over Islam is Reshaping the World

Shadi Hamid

Wednesday, 16 November, 17:00
Latimer Room, Clare College
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The French Exception:
Tocqueville, Constant, and the Religious Spirit of Liberalism

Arthur Ghins

Wednesday, 26 October, 12:30
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138


What in Heaven’s Name?
Religion and the US Election

Prof Andrew Preston and Dr Judd Birdsall

Wednesday, 19 October, 12:30
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138


Divided by a Common Faith?
Christians in Britain and America

Prof Timothy Larsen
Clare College (old court), Thirkill Room (map)
Saturday 23rd July at 10:30

Transatlantic Perspectives on Religion and Foreign Policy

Panel discussion with European diplomats
Monday, 20 June, 2:30 – 4:00
Berkley Center, 3307 M Street NW
Click here for full event details

Reconsidering Religious Radicalism

Full-day book conference
Saturday, 21 May, 9:30 – 5:30
Gillespie Centre, Clare College
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European Philosophical History
and Faith in God A Posteriori

Prof Simon Glendinning

Tuesday 17 May, 13:00
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138

Deproblematising Religious Diversity:
A University Case Study

Revd Dr James Walters

Tuesday 10 May, 13:00
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138

God and the EU:
Faith in the European Project 

Half-day book launch symposium
Friday, 18 March, 9:30 – 12:30
Latimer Room, Clare College (Old Court)
Click here for event flyer

The Orthodox Synod of 2016
and its Geopolitical Implications

Dr Lucian Leustean

Tuesday, 1 March, 13:00
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138
Read Dr Leustean’s new report on tensions within Eastern Christianity

Putin and the Patriarch:
How Russia uses Orthodoxy as Soft Power

Prof Kornely Kakachia

Friday, 26 February, 13:00
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room S2

‘You Ain’t No Muslim, Bruv’:
How Muslim Identity in Europe is Forced to be Reactionary

Dr Asmaa Soliman

Tuesday, 2 February, 13:00
Allison Richard Building (POLIS), Room 138

 Religious Faith, Changing Patterns of Globalisation,
and Diaspora Belonging: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian
Transnational Politics in East London

Dr Ben Gidley

24 November, 12:00
Faculty of Divinity, Room 2
Read CIRIS interview with Dr Gidley

 The Rise of the Far Right in Europe
and the Resurgence of Xenophobia

Dr Jeff Miley

Tuesday, 3 November, 12:00
Allison Richard Building, Room S1

Divinity and Diplomacy:
How Britain Can Develop a Religion-Attentive Foreign Policy

Dr Judd Birdsall

Tuesday, 3 November, 12:00
Allison Richard Building, Room S1

Faith in War and Peace:
Does Religion Promote Conflict or Peacebuilding?

Dr Sara Silvestri and Prof James Mayall

20 October, 12:00
Allison Richard Building, Room S1

Religious Freedom in the EU

Dr Pasquale Annicchino

10 July 2015, 11:00
Clare College, Godwin Room
Read CIRIS interview with Dr Annicchino

Challenges to International Religious Freedom

Amb. David Saperstein

19 June 2015, 2:30
Clare College, Godwin Room
Read CIRIS interview with Amb Saperstein

The Future of Religion and Diplomacy

Dr Shaun Casey

28 April 2015, 12:00
Alison Richard Building, Room S2
Read CIRIS interview with Dr Casey

News & Events

24th Apr 2018

CIRIS Research Associate Leor Zmigrod Publishes Paper on Psychology of Brexit Voting

CIRIS Graduate Research Associate Leor Zmigrod has published a paper on the psychological processes that give rise to nationalistic ideologies in the context of the United Kingdom’s 2016 EU Referendum. The research identified cognitive information processing styles that contribute towards support for Brexit and opposition to immigration and free movement of labour. Specifically, the findings […]



21st Feb 2018

Interview: Christopher Douglas on ‘Religion and Fake News’

In January 2018 CIRIS released a fascinating new report by Prof Chris Douglas on religion and fake news. The report explores the religious dimension of fake news in both Europe and the United States and offers recommendations for how policymakers and other leaders can fight back against faith-based fake news. Christopher Douglas teaches American literature and […]


Our Work

Equipping academics

At CIRIS, we aim to equip students and scholars in Cambridge and beyond with a robust and nuanced appreciation for the role of religion in international politics that they will take with them into their future research and/or practice around the world. To this end, we host public lectures, academic seminars, and other events. We are also pursuing research projects that draw on the contributions of Cambridge-based academics.

Engaging the public

We use our platform at Cambridge to influence the public conversation on matters of faith and politics—in the UK and around the world. CIRIS enjoys strong links to key governments, media outlets, religious groups, NGOs, civic leaders, and scholars. We want our website and social media platforms to provide a dynamic space for disseminating and discussing the contributions of our staff, associates, and partners.

Supporting diplomats

CIRIS serves as the secretariat for the Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and Diplomacy (TPNRD). We facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration among this community of diplomats from Europe and North America who have a responsibility for religion-related issues within their respective foreign ministries. The work of the TPNRD secretariat is generously supported by the Henry Luce Foundation.

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